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Citation Jet For Medical Flights

The mark II version of the Cessna Citation has a maximum non-stop range of 2,750 km, and is a very com- fortable ambulance jet. Its low noise pressurized cabin provides plenty of room for the ambulance crew to work and contains all conceivable facilities to offer an efficient and quick ambulance transport.

The Citation cruises at 650 km/h at an altitude of up to 12 km, above most turbulence and bad weather. The Citation can carry 2 stretchers and up to 4 additional passengers in the comfortable and fully airconditioned cabin. Thanks to its long-range capacity, the Citation II is ideal for any ambulance flight

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Ambulance Jet - Specifications

Passengers: 7 seats
1 stretcher: 4 seats
2 stretchers: 3 seats
Toilet: Yes
Bar: Yes
Cruisespeed (k.p.h) 850
Maximum range (km): 3500
Operating altitude (km): 13
Crew: 2(3)
Number of aircrafts: 1
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