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North Flying - Air Ambulance Experience

With North Flying there are no limitations. We can reach your destination everywhere - and from anywhere in Europe we can be home the same day. You decide the timetable, type of aircraft and arrival airport. We can fly to any suitable destination in the world, and if you need us to be somewhere in the early morning, we will be there. 

North Flying can do all this, because we are always on duty. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all year around and have been so for decades. This makes us slightly different and is the reason why a journey with North Flying is always a flexible, safe and comfortable choice. No matter where, when, how and with whom you are planning your next ambulance flight. These obvious advantages give you freedom, independence and mobility.

We fly directly into airports as close as possible to your destination with all the essential equipment, safety and comfort our modern aircrafts offer, but without the hassle, waiting time, delays and discomfort of today’s airlines. Success in today’s and tomorrow’s air ambulance depends on the right combination of quick and professional communication, correct equipment and a staff with the required background and training. These are the reasons why a growing number of customers see North Flying as their ideal partner. A partner, who offers the perfect, individually tailored ambulance flight.

Welcome to North Flying Air Ambulance Division

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