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Metroliner Air Ambulance

The Fairchild Metro 23 is the latest addition to our fleet of Metroliners. It is a large and modern turbojet prop aircraft, which can be arranged in various ambulance versions. The aircraft has a maximum non-stop range of 3,350 km.

So it offers a convenient and yet economical solution for group ambulance flights from even long destinations. The Fairchild Metro 23 has all the latest facilities including a toilet, and it has a spacious and fully airconditioned, pressurized cabin. The aircraft travels with low noise at an altitude of up to 7 km and a speed of 550 km/h. Below is shown various ambulance versions


Metro -23-nyt -interior -bille

Untitled -12   Untitled -9
Untitled -10   Untitled -11    



Air Ambulance - Specifications

Passengers: 19 seats
1 stretcher 16 seats
2 stretchers 13 seats
3 stretchers 10 seats
4 stretchers 7 seats
Toilet: Yes
Bar: Yes
Cruisespeed (k.p.h) 550
Maximum range (km): 3000
Operating altitude (km): 7
Crew: 2
Number of aircrafts: 4
   Range (4)