Air Ambulance Rental. Book An Private Air Ambulance at North Flying, One of the most dedicated Air Ambulance Operators in Europe For Your Next Medical Flight


The Dedicated Team For Our Medical Flights - Carefully Picked By Our Senior Doctor Before Each Mission

When you entrust North Flying to transport a patient you can be sure, that the transport will be performed to the highest Scandinavian and international standards by a dedicated professionel danish speaking team.

Not only will the two pilots be very experienced also in ambulanceflights being familiar with World Wide missions, but so will the medical team.

Although we perform ambulanceflights on a daily bases each and every mission is planed in detail according to a structured plan. No ambulanceflight are performed without a thorough medical evaluation by one of our two senior doctors who will decide the composition of the medical crew and the medical equipment for the individual mission.

When picking the crew our senior doctor can choose between  more than15 highly capable doctors each with they special competence and mostly anaesthetists. In the team we have 8 anaesthetist-nurses mostly with more than 10 years experience with North Flying. All doctors and nurses are highly experienced in  - and dedication to - transport of patients with North Flyings aircrafts. 

Be assured that your patient will be safe and feel safe - book your next medical flight at North Flying

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