Air Ambulance Rental. Book An Private Air Ambulance at North Flying, One of the most dedicated Air Ambulance Operators in Europe For Your Next Medical Flight


North Flying Master All Areas

Ambulance Flight
Specially equipped and certified for ambulance flying, North Flying’s modern jets offer a fast and efficient solution when acute ambulance flights are needed. With their long range and speed, our jets operate everywhere, transporting patients and doctors safely and comfortably even from one continent to the other.

Charter North Flying’s charter flights offer the perfect solution for groups travelling to conferences or trade fairs, or visiting customers or suppliers abroad. Chartering a plane is a time-saving, economical and suitable choice for groups of up to 18-19 persons. With a charter plane you can fly directly to your destination and back at times that suit you.

VIP Flights
Our VIP flights are genuine first-class standard. On board North Flying’s exclusive business jets our VIP passengers experience the highest level of comfort, efficiency and service. Everything is planned and executed with a professional eye for every little detail before, during and after the journey.

Cargo With a fleet of 4 large Metroliners we are also well equipped for cargo flight. Our Metros can accommodate almost any type of cargo, which can be delivered quickly and safely to almost any destination. No matter what you need to move at speed, North Flying Cargo is the right partner.

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