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Citation Jet for air medical flights
Cessna Citation III is an effective long range, low noise and fast ambulance jet.

The Citation III offers a direct, pleasant and smooth flight at an impressive speed of up to 850 km/h in 41000 feet. The spacious and airy cabin with full standing height allows medical staff to work efficiently in comfort and safety. The configuation and size of the cabin also allow relatives onboard if patient status allow it. Further more a large cargo compartment offers space for the luggage and larger belongings of patients and relatives. Below is shown various versions of this ambulance aircraft

Air ambulance - specifications
1 Stretcher:   5 seats*
2 stretchers:   4 seats*
3 stretchers:   2 seats*
Toilet:   Yes
Cruisespeed (k.p.h):   850
Maximum range (km):   3500
Operating altitude (km):   13
Pilots & medical crew:   2 / 2
Number of aircrafts:   2
*minus number of medical crew


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