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Air ambulance crew

The dedicated team for our medical flights - carefully chosen by our senior doctor before each flight

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Equipment for medical flights

North Flying's ambulance division consists of 6 aircraft, each equipped to accomodate a specific task.
A secure section of the North Flying base contains all facilities for storing, packing and maintaining the medical equipment

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In flight environment and hygiene

Like in all other medical sectors hygiene is very important for the safety of everyone envolved! On an aircraft this includes the patient, the medical crew and the pilots!

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Medical transport quality and procedures

Our goal is to treat the patient with comfort, care and the highest level of quality, regarding both the medical and the aviation sector - and the Eurami approval is a good indicator that we are quite good at it!

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Air ambulance and rescue experience

Experience does not come from one day to another

As an Eurami accredited provider you can expect medical air transport of highest quality including high tech equipment, well trained crew and strict procedures for hygiene and execution of flights!

North Flying is always on duty, ready to help where our medical service is needed - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all year around.

This is how we have been operating for more than 25 years and the reason why a journey with North Flying is always a flexible, safe and caring choice. Success in today’s and tomorrow’s air ambulance flights depends on the right combination of quick and professional communication, correct equipment and a staff with the required background and training.
North Flying is your ideal partner, for the perfect, individually tailored ambulance flight.

The Air Ambulances

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Cessna Citation III

Fast and reliable ambulance jets

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Fairchild Metroliners

Medium range turboprop - ideal for up to 4 stretchers and 7 seats

A Danish Air Ambulance Operator

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Ground operations

Highly competent professionals who can take care of any detail, and give you the perfect solution to travel related challenges. We set up aircraft and crew, order all your in-flight services and take care of your ground transport and hotel.

Personal responsibility also means that your flight operator will monitor every detail of the trip, and make sure that everything is done to live up to our promises - satisfaction is of the most importance.
North Flying's sales and operation department is responsible and available for aircraft and crew - 24 hours a day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Phone (24h): +45 9632 2900

ambulance aircraft maintenance


North Flying is approved in accordance with the JAR 145 certification for aircraft maintenance. We have a staff of highly trained technicians at our main workshop in Aalborg airport. Our hangar is the center for maintaining and servicing our aircrafts and equipment

Fully trained technicians ensure that our machines always meet our high and strict safety standards.

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Air medical flight crew

The number one priority at North Flying is flight safety.
All pilot has undergone extensive training so you can sit back, relax and enjoy safe, smooth aircraft handling and efficiency all around the world.

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Our base in Denmark

At Aalborg Airport we have our lounge, sales and operation office and maintenance department

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The air taxi operation

Visit the website for our airtaxi operation

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