Equipment for our ambulance flights
Reliable and effective

Examples of our standard equipment are shown below
Checkmark Medical suitcases to solve all kinds of intensive care
Checkmark Lifeport and indvidually tailored stretcher(s)
Checkmark Defibrillator
Checkmark Respirator
Checkmark Propaq - blood pressure and pulse measuring equipment
Checkmark Oxygen
Checkmark Suction
Checkmark Infusion pump
Checkmark Vacuum matress
Checkmark Scoop stretcher

North Flying’s ambulance section consists of 6 aircraft, each equipped to accomodate specific ambulance tasks.

All ambulance flights include a standard setup of technical equipment and medication. Special medication and equipment is added for the specific mission.

Equipment maintenance is carried out via procedures of control and time intervals. Each piece of equipment is maintained by autorized service centers to asure minimal risk of inflight breakdown at all times.

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