Air ambulance quality and procedures
how we do it right the first time

Quality and care for the patient! It is our aim that the patient as well as relatives experience a constant high quality in all phases of contact with North Flying and our air medical services.

A keyword for this quality will be personal comfort, so that our patient already from our pickup from the foreign hospital feels in secure, familiar, helpful and competent hands. Furthermore, we stress that both the patient and relatives are well informed throughout the whole procedure.

Quality for the customer
Through a continuous and close dialogue as well as assurance for quality, the customer should experience a uniform and high quality throughout the whole procedure, for the medical expertise as well as the ambulance flight’s operational and commercial side.

It is our target that the customer should regard us as a willing, competent and competitive air ambulance partner, who can solve the customer’s situation in a comprehensive package.

Procedures for packing is very strict to make sure that all required equipent is well packed and onboard prior lift off.

A checklist system is used and run through twice before each medical flight - this to make absolutely sure that all standard equipment is loaded and to give doctors a reminder of listed equipment that may be usefull on the coming flight.

Air Ambulance equipment
North Flying has well defined procedures for:
Checkmark ambulance experience Purchase of medicine
Checkmark air ambulance service Storage
Checkmark medical flight Replacement of medicine and consumption articles of medicines / clinical risk waste
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