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Zonen Ambulance Flying started as a domestic ambulance flying service before the 2nd World War and operated Danish built KZ planes. The early KZ III with a cruising speed of 150 km/t could land on practically all Danish islands and was in operation until 1962. The twin engine KZ IV, which was built at the end of the war specifically as an ambulance plane for Zonen, became a Danish icon, and was operated for 20 years.

In 1963 Zonen and Falck merged and the resulting Falck Air developed into a very modern and specialized service, during the next more than 30 years. In 1998 Falck Air was taken over by North Flying, and joined with our own ambulance operation. Besides the aircrafts, the takeover also included their advanced medical equipment and highly experienced staff, and the result became the leading, most specialized and experienced air ambulance operation in Northern Europe. Today the fleet consists of more than 10 different and wellequipped ambulance aircrafts. Each aircraft is a highly specialized machine, designed for its individual tasks.

The core of North Flying is however not our aircrafts or our huge inventory of equipment, but our highly dedicated and focused team, which with dedication, care, and a meticulous eye on every little detail has a common mission.

The pilots, the medical team, the specially trained ground ambulance personnel and administration: all work together to offer the most precise, comfortable, safe, and individually tailored air ambulance solution of the highest quality. North Flying A/S is building its continued expansion on this solid foundation. The most reliable aircrafts, extensive service facilities, our team of specially trained medical air crew, our highly experienced pilots and the most modern general facilities are all means with which we confidently meet the challenges of the future.

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